Alexandre Wetzel

Alexandre Wetzel

Hello! I am a 28 years old engineer in Communication Systems. Welcome on my personal webpage. This is where you find all the information about my personal projects and experiences.

I started writing my first computer program with Java. But I also played with other languages like Qt, Java2EE, C++, C, Perl, Matlab and even Objective-C (iPhone development language). Today, my interests go to mobile devices such as Android but also robotics (embedded-c, Arduino, STM32).

When I am not programming, I also like to go out running or playing badminton.

Latest news (updated: December 2015)

In 2010, I got my master in Communication Systems at EPFL with the "mobility and networking" specialization.
I now work for more than 2 years at Stignergy SA where I have done my master thesis.

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