Professional experiences

2019-todayI’m helping the research at CHUV as DataAnalyst. I search and extract data but also provide technical solution to help the research. 
2012-2019 I worked as chief technical officer in a start-up for almost 7 years on a decentralized system for energy monitoring and load shaving designed for professional customers.


Bachelor and master in Communication Systems at EPFL.
I am specialized in Networking and Mobility and finished my master studies in summer 2012.

Other works

Master thesis with Neurocom SARL to develop the intelligence on the SEMS (Smart Energy Management System) project.

Master semester project with the Nokia Research Center Lasuanne to develop an application (Resto Campus) for the NIC trial in spring 2011.

Bachelor semester project with VRLAB at EPFL – “Stay tuned! An Automatic RSS feeds Trans-coder” (see publication) .


PeerSense: Who is near you?, A. Gupta, M. Miettinen, M. Nagy, N. Asokan, A. Wetzel, Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PERCOM Workshops), 2012 IEEE International Conference On, Lugano, Switzerland, March 19-23, 2012
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Stay Tuned! an Automatic RSS feeds Trans-coder, P. Salamin, A. Wetzel, D. Thalmann, and F. Vexo. In Proceedings of the 3rd International conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2009), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2009.
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I discovered computer programming with Java, but get quickly interested in many other languages such as Qt, Java2EE, C++, C, Perl, Matlab, JavaScript, Python and so on. My current interests are turned towards mobile devices and IoT. When I am not programming, I also like to spend time with my family or going out running near Leman lake.


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